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Blue Angel - Ecolabel

Almaland cooperate with enterprises that reach  with products and services the EU markets. The Blue Angel certificate supports them effectively. The group of consultants support our customers to achieve standards necessary to certification.


The Blue Angel is the first environment-related label for products and services in the world. Since 1978 it has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services selected by an independent jury in line with defined criteria. The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services which - from a holistic point of view - are of considerable benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection. The Blue Angel considers itself as a market-conform instrument of environmental policy designed to distinguish the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis. Companies use the label to professionally promote their eco-friendly products in the market. Thus, it is an ecological beacon showing the consumer the way to the ecologically superior product and promotes environmentally conscious consumption.


The Blue Angel – for increased sales and a better image
The Blue Angel assists the consumer in deciding for an ecologically sound and high-quality alternative in the maze of products and services. The Blue Angel is a clear and reliable identifying mark of concrete information and marketing value. As a label user, you will greatly improve your market opportunities in competition with others by making efficient and cost-effective use of the Blue Angel eco-label for sales promotion, public relations and brand communication purposes. Thus, you will benefit in multiple ways: The Blue Angel has a positive impact on the purchasing decision of many consumers and, thus, on your sales figures. In the end, your overall company image will benefit greatly from the high level of recognition and credibility of the world’s most renowned eco-label.

The Blue Angel – Credibility and Competence by ...

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