ALMALAND jest zespołem projektowo-konsultingowym. Dostarczamy klientom, operującym na rynku globalnym i regionalnym, innowacyjne rozwiązania organizacyjne i technologiczne. Wspieramy przedsięwzięcia, w których świat biznesu i nauki zamieniają pomysły na sukcesy.

Design service and documentations.

We are a team of professionals, and our knowledge and experience are used when designing and creating documentation supporting environmental management.

We create:

Preparation of relevant documentation is a very important element in environmental management and planning of investment. In order to meet these demands, Almaland prepares designs and studies that support our clients in pursuit of the assumed goals.

Many times we have developed and prepared environmental protection programmes and waste management plans for gminas (communes) and poviats (counties). Acceptance of these documents by resolutions of councils, and their consecutive usefulness in environmental management and preparation of investment projects confirm their high substantive value.

Our customers from industrial and service companies praise our quick pace and efficiency in preparation of waste management plans, and effectiveness in obtaining decisions authorizing conducting activities generating hazardous waste. AMTrans offers much more. We warmly encourage you to take advantage of our complex waste disposal offer, tailored particularly for the needs of your company.  

Our documentations, which include identification and inventory-taking of asbestos-containing products in all types of buildings and structures, are object of considerable interest of both national and foreign investors. Facilities on which we conduct our analyses were very often built in the period when this hazardous material was recognized by designers and contractors, hence it is present in many places and in various forms. Such study requires special attention and close cooperation with best Polish laboratories, which analyze the delivered samples in terms of asbestos content on a current basis. We are aware that conclusions arising from such study shall affect decisions of investors in a significant way.


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