ALMALAND jest zespołem projektowo-konsultingowym. Dostarczamy klientom, operującym na rynku globalnym i regionalnym, innowacyjne rozwiązania organizacyjne i technologiczne. Wspieramy przedsięwzięcia, w których świat biznesu i nauki zamieniają pomysły na sukcesy.

Innovations and technology transfer

Almaland is involved In a wide variety of Project types, from research and consultancy for individual customers, to collaborative, publicly funded projects, which leverage possibilities of success.

Almaland can assists customers in identifying suitable topics for collaborative activities, preparing proposals and managing and undertaking research and technology transfer.

Our broad range of experts, allows us to assemble multi-disciplinary teams to provide a complete, integrated and impartial solutions to your technical and organizational problems. Our customers, can be confident that work done by Almaland will be based on the latest science and technical informations.

We develop the Project, bringing together groups of industrial, service and science members to develop innovations. Participants joint solutions to the most pressing of market needs and to develop the most promising new technologies in a shared environment .

Almaland is extensively involved In collaborative research and technology transfer Project cross All of Technologies and industry sectors. These projects are generally undertaken in response to calls for proposals issued by public sector funding agencies. Most common among these are the European Commission (Framework Research Projects) - 7-th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 and regional funding agencies within the Poland to develop innovations. These founds support research, infrastructure and technology transfer.

Collaborative projects for business and science participants represents big part of our activity, and therefore are very important for us. In particular, benefits of projects participation include:

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