ALMALAND jest zespołem projektowo-konsultingowym. Dostarczamy klientom, operującym na rynku globalnym i regionalnym, innowacyjne rozwiązania organizacyjne i technologiczne. Wspieramy przedsięwzięcia, w których świat biznesu i nauki zamieniają pomysły na sukcesy.

Providing solutions and adding value

Almaland is the team of research and technology organization consultants – experts in solving problems in all aspects of  innovations, manufacturing and management technologies.

Established In Poznan, Poland In 2010 developing activity on EU territory, the company has very good reputation for service through its teams of internationally respected consultants, auditors and scientists. The knowledge and our team experiences are available to customers when they require.

With a experiences of invention, innovation and knowledge transfer, Almaland continues to develop its Staff and its technical know-how In engineering, technologies and  professional service.

Please see our Innovation and technology transfer, Documentations, Recovinyl-EuCertPlastBlue Angel, and Reach pages for more information on our specific services and capabilities.

Our Mission 

To provide customers on each stage of project developing, with authoritative and impartial expert advice, know-how, and safety assurance through engineering, technologies, law and finance.


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